•  US/Japan Creative Artist Residency

US/Japan Creative Artist Residency

The Japan U.S. Friendship Commission offers leading contemporary and traditional artists from the United States the chance to spend three months in Japan in 2013 through the U.S./Japan Creative Artists Program. Cultural understanding is at the heart of this program. Artists go as seekers, as cultural visionaries, and as living liaisons to the traditional and contemporary cultural life of Japan. They also go as connectors who share knowledge and bring back knowledge. Their interaction with the Japanese public and the outlook they bring home provide exceptional opportunities to
promote cultural understanding between the United States and Japan.

Artists should have compelling reasons for wanting to work in Japan and they should do preliminary research to identify contacts there. The Commission encourages artists to consider collaboration with Japanese colleagues, as appropriate for the artistic field.

Artists are free to interact with artists anywhere in the country. While many artists chose to remain in Tokyo, others have undertaken their residencies in Kyoto or other cities, and still others have worked in rural settings or have visited a number of sites relevant to their work.

Upon their arrival in Tokyo, artists will be predominantly on their own during the three month residency period; however, International House of Japan provides in-depth orientation materials, expert advice and professional contacts, as well as some logistical support during the residency period.
The Japan U.S. Friendship Commission sponsors this program with administrative assistance from the National Endowment for the Arts.
Contact: Margaret Mihori
Phone: 202.653.9800
Email: jusfc@jusfc.gov
Website: http://www.jusfc.gov
Grant link: http://www.jusfc.gov/creative-artists-programs/
Deadline: 03-01-2013

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